Let’s be honest we all have those days right. I mean we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. Well I experienced a roller coaster of different emotions yesterday, I’ve had my moments where i’ve tried snapping out of it and I put a smile on and feel good for a bit but overall i’m tired and worn out mentally and physically and just fed up with this so called way of living (it’s not living at all) I miss working, doing what I love and living freely. If your feeling flat, or any of the above emotions. Try not to let it get you down. I know I try to be a force of positivity on here, but I also need to be real and i’m not like that all the time. Especially not lately. I love you guys and I hope your all ok. Grateful for you all and hopefully we don’t have to much longer of this. Because I miss theatre so much

x Steph

One thought on “Thoughts in lockdown

  1. Theatre was something I really missed.

    So glad I was able to get back in July- with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamocat at my hometown’s community college. Tomorrow is seeing Wicked for the 5th time, a musical I loved for 15 years.

    When 2022 hits, there are three musicals I hope to catch- Frozen, Anastasia, and Hadestown. All of them are the US Tours. Rely on the Broadway Tours.

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