Have you ever felt helpless or like a part of you was missing? Well for me that’s exactly how i’ve felt during this Melbourne lockdown and something i’ve really struggled with. Because let’s face it while helpful zoom meetings and the occasional walk with a friend don’t cut it in the long run.

Because we were made to give of ourselves and for community and connection with one-another. So having that taken away and also not being able to do what we love, what brings us life and gives us a sense of purpose (most of you will know that’s theatre for me) has been sucky to say the least. Let alone personally knowing people in the industry and seeing how it’s effected them etc

Fast forward several months and a rough journey of canceled and postponed shows with little to no support from our government, The theatre industry have suffered a lot. Something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Theatre is making it’s come back from November 12th and everyone says hallelujah am I right? I couldn’t be more thrilled to get back into it all and to be reunited with an industry and people that are dear to my heart.

What is my first show back I hear you ask… Well naturally being a big Disney lover as well it had to be a return trip to Frozen before it heads to Brisbane early next year. Then it will be on to Moulin Rouge at the newly revamped Regent Theatre. I’ve got lots of things in the pipe lines for next year to so make sure you stay tuned. And can I encourage all you theatre lovers out there to go see a show and support Melbourne’s rich theatre and live entertainment industry. You’ll never truly know just how much in times like this it means to actors and performers alike.

x Steph

One thought on “Theatre’s back

  1. It was hard not having theatre during the pandemic. Glad it came back- saw two musicals this year (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at community college and Wicked with the US Tour)

    As a matter of fact, Wicked was the first tour that opened in the US since the closing of musicals

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