“Steph is a bright light in our audiences and stage door. Always beaming with enthusiasm and understanding of what it is to be an artist. wether that be in person or in words in a review or media call. We are lucky to have human beings like steph in this industry to keep us all inspired.”

-Andy Cook

“I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by Steph from That Theatre Life and loved every second. You can tell she has a passion for what she does and that flows through her work. Thought provoking, fun and inspiring to work with her.”

– Courtney Monsma

That Theatre Life is that friend you need. Always there to throw nothing but support at you and the industry wide. I look forward to reading her reviews as as it is a celebration and makes me proud of Australian theatre.

– Des Flanagan

Whether at a media call as an interviewer or at a stage door beaming after a performance, it is always a delight to see Steph from ‘That Theatre Life’. Her passion for theatre and positive outlook are an inspiration and a reminder of the joy live theatre can bring.

– Adam Murphy

”Steph’s encouragement, light and passion for theatre is incredible. She inspires us the artists to keep going and to not give up. Keep shining on Steph. We appreciate your contribution to the industry.

– Thuba Ndibali

“The critic’s responsibility is to learn, teach, evaluate, and ricochet intelligently through the lens of industry expert and audience. Only the rarest of critics can motivate, grow, and give valuable criticism while setting expectations in an honest, joyful, and constructive way. When you read Steph’s articles, watch her videos, or peruse her website, her love and exuberance for all things theatre and performing arts is contagious. It is obvious that Steph’s style of observation uses all the senses in a balanced way surpassing the mundane chatter of superficial. Instead she praises and brings awareness to the subtleties, nuisances, the visceral experiences that only a performer, choreographer, or director hope are noticeable.“

-Joti Gore  

‘That Theatre Life’ brings a welcome positive attitude and generous support to our industry, promoting and reviewing productions. It’s a joy to see Steph’s smiling face at stage door after a show. Her appreciation of theatre makes you proud to be part of it.

– Dean Drieberg (Theatre Director at ‘Watch This’, Freelance Creative Producer at ‘Melbourne Theatre Company’ & Co Director of ‘Sunday in the Park with George’)

We love inviting Steph along to our productions to review! She offers criticism where needed and commendation where earned. A keen and considerate reviewer that we highly recommend!

– gj.productions

It is so lovely to see someone like Stephanie so involved in the entertainment business in Australia. From concerts to events to musicals, she is so overwhelmingly positive and she spreads her good vibes wherever she goes. Her love for theatre is obvious and it truly is a wonderful thing to see someone as young as she is, so involved. It is always a blessing to see Stephanie in the audience and her smile is infectious.

– Mirusia Louwerse

‘One of the greatest things about working in this crazy industry is the shared enthusiasm and passion of like-minded people of different ages and demographics.. Steph from ‘That Theatre Life’ is like a spark that will keep the fire burning in our industry. Her love of theatre gives me the hope that the world of theatre will continue to shine.

– Kurt Kansley

“Steph has a vibrant and fresh approach to her work with That Theatre Life. Bursting with energy and charm, it is wonderful to see how she is able to share her passion of the arts community and allow others the insight into such a special industry. “

– Joe Meldrum

Chicago, West Side Story, Oklahoma