Those that know me will know just how much the theatre, arts, entertainment industry and people mean to me. They are very dear/close to my heart. And as I’m sure some of you will be aware they have been and still are doing it extremely tough during this time of extreme uncertainty of no work, opening a show and having to cancel it rather suddenly and being the last to reopen. All the while complying with strict government covid safe guidelines and still not getting any support to sustain doing what they love.

It has broken my heart seeing this happen and so I’ve decided to start a go fund me to raise money for the Victorian Artists Benevolent Trust a non for profit organisation that helps actors during times such as these. Every little bit helps and I hope you’ll consider giving back to an industry that gives so much. Together we can make a difference and help this industry come back bigger and stronger.

You can find the go fund me link below

x Steph

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