It has been 10 months if not more since theatre closed down here in Melbourne. And with the year we’ve all just had it’s easy for one to become, lets just say disappointed with the state of the world. But perhaps that’s why now more than ever, people need something like ‘Come From Away’.

An inspiring, uplifting and heartfelt true story of the goodness of humanity and how one small town in Gander (Newfoundland) in Canada, literally took in and cared for over 6,000 passengers from all over the world over five days. After numerous aeroplanes were diverted moments after the 9/11 terrorist attack that happened in New York.

The mostly Australian cast of only 12 are just a dream, beyond exceptionally talented and might I add perfectly cast. If you thought nailing the different dialects of Scottish welsh and American wasn’t hard enough. They also are on stage 24/7 with no intermission or break and play several characters with such grace and ease that blows you away. They create the entire world of Come From Away using only wooden chairs, quick costume changes and a centre stage revolve. One minute you are in a cabin of a aeroplane then the very next thing you know you are in a bar/tavern in Newfoundland. So in short there are no starring roles everyone bounces off one another and works together to get the story told.

Some people might not agree with this but another thing I thought was brilliantly executed and thought out was how the band was on stage and gelling with the cast and not in the pit below the stage as is usually the case in productions. In my opinion it gives a bit of extra oomph and hits the nail on the head.

When all is said and done its quite easy to see why Come From Away is the comedy theatres most successful musical.

Come From Away is playing at Melbournes comedy theatre for a limited encore season and must close March 14th. Tickets can be brought at

x Steph

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the rock

  1. Ugh, I’m so jealous that CFA is open in Australia now! I’ve seen the show 4 times and right now all I want is to sit in the Toronto theatre and cry for 100 minutes.


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