I quite often get asked… Steph what does theatre do for you? Why do you see a show several times? Go to stage door so much? Always message & encourage the performers? And are so passionate? Or what’s your favourite thing about theatre?

At times it can be a challenge to try to explain this to people I’m not going to lie. But the truth is I love everything about musical theatre (and no that’s not a cop out answer) I love everything from the people, music, beautiful venues and even the elaborate costumes and set designs. It all never seizes to intrigue/blow me away. There is just something so special about the whole theatre world. It’s like a big magnet that draws you in to this bubble that you fall in love with so much so that you never want to leave.

As for the other things, I generally see a show several times because there is so much to take in and I honestly get something new out of it each time I go. There’s always so much one can take away with them. And lastly I’m genuinely passionate about encouraging, uplifting others, treating others the way you’d like to be treated. But especially in this industry where people can be quick to judge or put down or just not bother to say the encouraging thing they feel (for whatever reason)

I want and strive to be a positive voice, influence and light, as our words quite literally have the power to make or break someones day. And in a industry that’s quite demanding, at times tough and where your constantly giving out. It’s nice to see a familiar face and be appreciated for what it is you do. Believe me it makes a world of difference in a performers day.

Can you relate to any of this? What is it that YOU love about theatre?

x Steph

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Passionate about theatre

  1. That is tough to answer- why I love theater.

    There is just something about live theater that draws you in- especially the shows you are loving. You never get to see the same show twice. While I don’t have the talent to be on stage, being in the audience is incredible.

    Musical theatre- love that combination of the arts. Spectacle, dance, singing, and acting- all in one. There is something adding song to a plot that makes the emotions even stronger.

    That really is tough- do you know what I am asked something? How can you love musical theatre if you are never going to love one? My love for musical theatre is why it became one of the main topics on my blog


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