Hello Everyone happy Saturday

How amazing is it too have theatre finally back in Melbourne! And with more shows to come. I can’t get over it really, It’s been long overdue.

Anyway with that being said I thought I’d share my tips on stage dooming with you as I know some either don’t know how to go about it or for whatever reason are to shy and don’t know what to say or if they should say anything at all. So I hope encourages you.

  1. First and for first be your amazing self
  2. Always remember they are people just like you
  3. Encourage them and say what you enjoyed about the show. You’ll find it makes their day
  4. Approach them as a friend not a fan this helps makes meaningful and lasting connections
  5. If it helps connect with them on social media first before going to a show. It might help break the ice and help you feel less nervous
  6. If you feel so inclined gifts never go astray either
  7. Commemorate the special occasion with a happy snap
  8. And lastly remember your fully dressed without a smile

I hope these tips help and I can’t wait to hear from you

x Steph

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