Produced by Ebbflow theatre co a newly Melbourne based independent theatre company founded by executive producer Dean Robinson. Blackrock is a powerful, painful & at times confronting piece of Australian theatre. Inspired by the 1989 murder of Leigh Rennea Mears.

It tells the story of a group of teenagers coming together for a party on the beach. But come morning, something more than tragic has happened. Blackrock follows the aftermath of this, as the party-goers explore their guilt, whether as perpetrators or as bystanders, and their families come to terms with their actions. It’s fair to say Blackrocks themes of toxic masculinity and victim-blaming, and it’s warped visions of what it means to be a friend remain tragically relevant today.

So if you don’t mind that type of heavy material then I would say Ebbflow theatre cos take on this is to be truly commended. When it comes to up and coming talent every single actor and actress did such a remarkable job at holding their own, owning the space around them, projecting their voice, immersing themselves in the character/moment. All the while never failing to be emotionally captivating. I definitely shed a tear or two.

The set was overall simple with a few minor adjustments for the scene changes which worked for this particular production. But a few more set changes etc wouldn’t have gone astray to help with the different scenes and events throughout. I also would love to encourage Ebbflow theatre co to schedule an interval (even if it’s 15 minutes) for future productions with heavy material such as this.

Overall Blackrock is a great piece of Aussie theatre and a good excuse for a night out.

You can catch it and it’s outstanding cast of upcoming actors at St Martins Arts Youth Centre Melbourne until 3rd August. Tickets can be purchased at

x Steph

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