Choreographed & led by Madeline Pratt Moments is a moving & beautiful original theatre piece with true stories told through dance, movement, music  & voice. Takes you on a heartfelt, emotional yet funny journey of significant moments we go through in our lives & how they affect us individually. 

Held at the Gas Works theatre in Albert Park the smaller space I found helped engage the audience with the raw emotions of the incredibly talented nine performers – especially in their facial expressions. The dancers were completely energised the whole way through & kept the audience engaged from start to finish. And each ‘moment’ was seamlessly transitioned into (The show as a whole flowed really well) making it impossible just to pinpoint, one person, as all the performers immersed themselves in it 100%. Not to mention the body percussion with the beats of the music was particularly sharp.

I want to commend Madeline on this brilliant piece of theatre & for being so bold & brave when it comes to literally putting ones self into something. But for also being so open, honest & real etc It’s not something to be taken lightly & I take my hat off to her for that.

Overall ‘Moments’ is a great night out/ a must see & will sure to leave you impacted, speechless & thinking. But hurry as its only playing until March 30th Tickets can be purchased at 

x Steph


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