What a joy & privilege it was for me to be invited back to review/attend another one of GJ  Production’s amazing show, this time at the opening night of ‘Heathers’ the musical. A humorous, heartbreaking, heartfelt, dark & messy story of the typical struggle teenagers go through in finding out who they are in the crazy world of high school.

For a company of three or so years I am always blown away by the high quality of work produced. GJ Productions has defiantly taught me that it’s not always about the huge flashy sets or effects (all though it does help make a show) but rather pure talent & a persons ability, through themselves, plunge head first into the character they’re portraying.

“What’s your damage Heather”? – Veronica Sawyer

Whatever your taste is there is something for everyone & ‘Heathers’ the musical defiantly doesn’t disappoint in that regard with simple, modest, yet key props, classic costumes true to the 1989 American high school era & an explosion of talent. The entire cast were exceptional, gave their all & you could clearly see they were 100% in it. But allow me to highlight a few…

Antoinette Davis as Veronica Sawyer, let me just say wow! I was left speechless & blown away at this young lady’s talent, being her first performance since university even more so. I think you’ll agree with me me when I say she makes playing the girl that finds herself getting caught up into all the mess easy, effortless & believable, you can so feel her pain. Her performance was honest, raw, powerful & vocals strong. Then there’s Alexandra Knight as Ms Fleming, Veronica’s mum & a student. I have always admired people who can juggle & perform three characters as I’m sure it would be no easy task & Alexandra was no exception. She brings just the right amount of humour to this story & it’s not hard to see why her take on the song ‘Shine a Light’ got resounding applause. Then last but not least there’s Grace Maddern as Heather Chandler. It’s fair to say this lady is a little pocket rocket of talent to say the least… from producing, choreographing, acting there’s nothing Grace can’t do & this is clearly evident in ‘Heathers’.

One thing I did notice, relatively minor, is that I would encourage the director to consider the balance between the volume of music vs the vocals as I found it to be a bit challenging at times with the music louder than the singing & vocals.

I commend the co-founders of GJ Productions, Grace Maddern & Jack Wilkinson on their incredible work ethic, for continuing to support up & coming artists & for providing a warm, friendly, safe environment in which they can share their talents with the audience.

‘Heathers’ the musical is currently playing at St Martins Theatre South Yarra until November 3rd. Tickets can be purchased at trybooking.com (search GJ Productions).

x Steph

Photos by Matthew Howat


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