There is just something about Andrew Lloyd Webbers ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ that gets me every time. The score, The music, The characters and love story that can be taken in so many ways, The List goes on. I don’t know about you though? But i’ve always been team Phantom even if how he goes about getting what he wants is creepy and obsessive. I’ve grown to understand over time that the world has shut him out due to his deformity and looks. He’s clearly hurting and only longs for love and acceptance (like we all do) having found that in Christine as well as being able to share his music and make it come alive he latches onto her in hopes she will confide in him. Last night’s opening night of this production here in Melbourne was no exception and I fall in love all over again.

This reimagined version of this masterpiece overseen by producer Cameron Mackintosh and directed by Seth Sklar-Heyn was originally done in 2012 for touring through the UK and North America and has never been seen in Australia until now. And let me just say it’s visually stunning thanks to Jill Parkers rich costuming and Stefan Munsch hair and wig design. The sets by Paul Brown also add to the spectacle. All of which are beautifully imagined. The transition between sets and the movement is top notch and done with eze. I’m a big music lover so i’d be kidding myself if I didn’t mention the incredible 27 piece orchestra under the musical supervision of Guy Simpson bringing the already impressive score to life. It is just magic.

The three main leads Josh Piterman, Blake Bowden and Amy Manford absolutely steal the show. Josh Piterman (Phantom) having returned home after playing this iconic role in the West End is truly exceptional bringing what I feel is a breath of fresh air and heart to this character evoking a pity and sadness to his take on this role. Leaving the audience to feel the Phantoms pain as he try’s to gain Christine’s affection. Blake Bowden (Raoul) is equally impressive with his vocal warmth and charm giving the characters feelings for Christine a new depth. Amy Manford (Christine Daae) Brings grace, A new tenderness and strength to her role with spectacular soaring vocals that is sure to please. Balancing everything out and with some fine comic work is the highly experienced supporting cast and ensemble. Special mentions Paul Tabone (Piangi) and Guiseppina Grech (Carlotta)

From the glistening chandelier hanging above you, Right to the crashing down of it. It’s easy to see why Phantom is still loved by many today. But don’t just take my word for it go and see for yourself. Your angel of music is calling Melbourne.

Phantom Of The Opera is now playing at the Arts Centre Melbourne until 5th February 2023. To get tickets or for more info visit

x Steph

Photos by Daniel Boud

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