As a reviewer and Theatre lover it’s always so refreshing to see something so different and new. ‘Six’ is no different, A British musical comedy with book, music and lyrics by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. The musical is a modern retelling of the lives of the six wives of Henry VIII presented as a pop concert, as the Queens take turns singing and telling their story to see who suffered the most due to Henry and should, therefore, become the group’s lead singer.

Full of Wit, Sass, Humour and ultimately girl power it’s easy to see why this show is a viral hit. But you came for the Queens, and these Queens do not disappoint. Their voices are powerful and beautiful, performances fierce and unapologetic. Chemistry sizzles on stage, whether they are bickering and competing or rallying behind one another. Their comedic delivery and timing is perfect, landing each joke on point.

Each of the ex-wives embody a couple of modern “Queenspirations” Catherine of Aragon (with nods at Beyonce and Shakira) is played by Phoenix Jackson Mendoza who has the vibrant confidence to set a high standard for performance energy as she begins the solo numbers with “No Way.” Kala Gare is Anne Boleyn (Lily Allen and Avril Lavigne), with great cheek and star power. Loren Hunter plays Jane Seymour (Adele and Sia), whose touching ballad lands just right. Anna of Cleves (Nicki Minaj and Rihanna) is played by Kiana Daniele a true delight with killer stage presence who in my opinion has the standout number ‘Get Down” and just about walks away with the show. Chelsea Dawson plays Katherine Howard (Ariana Grande and Britney Spears), and flawlessly moves from carefree to dark in one short song. And Catherine Parr (Alicia Keys and Emeli Sande) is played by Vidya Makan but on opening night was played by Shannen Alyce Quan (Swing) who blows the roof off with stunning vocals.

The six are supported by an outstanding band of Ladies in waiting: Claire Healey as Music Director and performing keys, Kathryn Stammers on Drums, Debbie Yap on Guitar, and Jessica Dunn on Bass. The variety of songs allow each musician an opportunity to shine, including the haunting keys in Heart of stone and the bass in Haus of Holbein.

So if your up for something a little cheeky, fun and different Six is defiantly a must see. It’s now playing at Melbournes Comedy Theatre until August 21st. Tickets and further information can be found at

x Steph

Picture Credit James D Morgan – Getty Images

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