There is nothing that pleases me more than seeing a piece of theatre that’s something completely new and refreshing and all together different. Victorian Operas production of ‘Happy End’ (based on a book by Elisabeth Hauptmann) a musical comedy about America 1919, Gangsters, the Salvation Army and an unlikely love story between a Chicago gangster and a Salvation Army lieutenant, was just the ticket.

Popping with Humour and Witt. Cleverly thrown in through out and brought to life in great comic timing by an outstanding group of actors all of whom can not be faulted in anyway shape or form. I mean the gangster accents alone were impressive let alone everything else that made it like you were truly living in those times.

Having said that if I had to pick two clear standouts which as I said is hard for me they were Adam Murphy as notorious gang leader Bill Cracker And Kurt Kansley as the Governor. Kurt shines in his portrayal of the Governor and delivers charm and humour in bucket loads. along with sparks of energy you can’t help but notice. I personally loved the way he lead the Bilbao song. Adam was in perfect form portraying Bill and had the perfect balance of tough and scary. I’ll forever be amazed at how effortlessly he becomes his characters.

All in all ‘Happy End’ is a great fun night out and I can’t recommend it highly enough. But be quick as it’s only playing until tomorrow night. Tickets can be brought from

x Steph

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