Ah Covid 19, nothing like being in lockdown and not being able to see theatre shows, connect with people or do what you love… said no-one ever.

Ok so I have to be real with you. I have had many teary moments ,of I guess grief that this industry that I love is suffering and has little/no support during this hard time. At times feeling helpless because I wish I could physically do something and help. Because lets face it if I’m not seeing and supporting a show then what I can do is limited . And mostly I just really miss theatre, the joy it brings and just the wonderful people in that industry.

As I have thought about it more and more ,I realised there is something I can do (we can do) and that is, write to our local mp and let them know we are concerned about the lack of financial support for the sector in the governments job keeper scheme. Because at present none of them qualify to receive it. You can find a template for the letter on the MEAA website and facebook page. You can donate to places like the arts well being collective, victorian actors benevolent trust, support act and so much more. Just because we aren’t seeing shows doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference to keep the arts alive.

So for those that don’t think the Arts matter much or that it’s just a glorified hobby, Here is why it actually matters a lot in our world and why it’s vital to speak up and support during this time and beyond.

The arts matter because they are the one thing on this planet with the power to change a person’s perspective, mood, assumptions, beliefs, and ideas; they can transform a place, represent a community, take you back in time, or move your forward into the future; help a person understand from where they came and where they are headed and grapple with the beauty and uncertainty of all that occurs in between–nothing else in the world has that kind of power and responsibility.” – 

“The arts matter because they allow you to experience different ways of seeing and thinking about life.” – 

“The arts matter because they are like a gift from one soul to another – whether it’s a joyful, simple gift like a child’s drawing, or a play or novel that makes you think and hurt and wish and feel, the arts help us understand ourselves and each other.” – 
“The arts matter because they give us a mutual space where we can talk to one another about the most important things to us. It can turn strangers into old friends with lots in common.” – 

x Steph

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