It’s always such a joy and privilege for me to go along to GJ Productions annual summer shows at the beautiful Fairfield Amphitheatre. And for those that have been along will no doubt agree with me when I say that GJ are a terrific small theatre company and are always constantly striving to well exceed their goals and improve on what already are great quality shows. And as a reviewer/theatre lover that honestly speaks volumes to me and makes me want to see their next production.

Having said that I loved the new additions of the personalised little fans to take in with you to keep cool and the wrist bands as you got your name ticked off to show that you had paid.

Gj’s latest Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing was certainly was certainly a great quality show. On what was a hot but relaxed Melbourne summers night Much Ado About Nothing closed with a bang.  I don’t know about you? but I appreciate a good laugh so for me it was breath of fresh air to see how engaging and comical it was throughout but especially the scene where Benedict (James Martin)  is hiding in the trees, improvising and showing great use of the outdoor space. In my personal opinion I also think an amazing cast makes sure to engage with the audience which Much Ado About Nothing had lots of and in a very humorous way.

The choreography was delightful and brilliantly executed especially in the masked ball scene. It was also lovely to hear some singing from Joanna Bakker (Borachio)

All in all I can not speak highly enough of GJ s summer Shakespeare plays and know without a doubt if you enjoy theatre and or Shakespeare then you’ll love this and are in for a real treat.

More shows, dates and info can be found at

x Steph


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