Following the success of their #1 Aria albums (Mirusia’s, “A salute to the seekers “and The Original Seekers, “Back to our roots”). Mirusia, Athol Guy, Bruce Woodley, Keith Potger with producer Michael Christiano came together, to form what was truly a heartwarming,  Joyous, honoring & special show across Queensland, Sydney, and Melbourne, celebrating the Seekers story, legacy and timeless music we all know and love.

It was very clear from the get-go that a lot of thought, care and time had gone into the amazing Saturday afternoon of music. which helped in my opinion to create a sense of unity and appreciation amongst everyone present.

One thing I was very impressed with aside from how well all the artists conducted themselves and gelled together effortlessly. Was the very well done historic videos played in between sets/songs that helped immerse you in the Seeker’s inspiring story. I’ve always known about the Seekers but never their full story, so it was very fascinating for me to witness that. The whole time you really do feel like you’re taken on a journey, a part of it all.

Audiences were delighted with hits such as I’ll never find another you, A world of our own, The carnival is over, Georgy Girl, End of the line, Louisiana man – the list goes on. And it’s fair to say the boys haven’t lost their Aussie charm or touch. Singing and playing their instruments like they hadn’t aged a bit. And who doesn’t love those beautiful harmonies and voices? brings tears to your eyes.

Of course, Mirusia Louwerse was simply divine as she is always is, adding her own tribute, flavor, and charm as well as captivating audiences with Colours of my life (Judith Durham) and When the stars begin to fall. The absolute stand out moment for me that honestly made me so very proud to be Australian and blew me away was the song I am Australian, the way it was arranged was amazing and the audience participation and standing ovation was out of this world, a rare moment indeed.

All in all, I think it can be agreed that Mirusia and the Original Seekers were a huge success, I know I definitely left with a huge smile on my face with the songs and memories in my heart that I’ll cherish forever.

I’m sure I speak for everyone though when I say that I hope they team up for another concert again soon.

x Steph


Photos by Graham Skaines

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