Just when I thought that I couldn’t possibly love musical theatre and get sucked in anymore than I already do, Along comes Beautiful the Carole King musical.

A truly uplifting,funny,warm,heart felt and gorgeous story of Carole Kings extraordinary career & life. Produced by Michael Cassel and his team in Australia, one might say that they sure know how to put on a show and select the cast etc You honestly can’t fault the amazing, first class shows Michael produces. They are special in everyway

In a musical that spans over two decades, it features over 100 incredible wigs and costumes which are so mind boggling and impressive let alone being so true to the era. When I first walk in and see a musical, I love nothing more than soaking up all the beauty and the breath taking sets and props. Beautiful sure delivers, from the stunning grand piano all the way to the jazzy lights, the sets and props have what you might call a simple yet easy, pleasing  on the eye appeal while still delivering the wow factor.

“And you know what’s so funny about life? Sometimes it goes the way you want and sometimes it doesn’t And sometimes when it doesn’t you find something Beautiful” – Carole King

And where would a musical be without a super talented cast? Esther Hannaford as the incomparable Carole King, it’s not hard to see why people are saying she’s destined for the role. Her raw yet honest portrayal of King is truly something to behold. (you honestly feel the pain and struggle king personally went through) I was left speechless at her strong, powerful & beautiful vocals. Then there’s Josh Piterman as Gerry Goffin, his talent and ability to make the character so believable is second to none. There was one scene in particular, where I honestly got a bit emotional & felt just what it would of been like for Gerry live with his condition the way he did – so thats saying something. Josh’s rich, warm vocals are of course the cherry on top.

I don’t like leaving anyone out and that is only two of the incredible 24 cast members. So I’ll finish by saying the entire cast and company do such a hands down phenomenal job it’s no wonder Beautiful is a broadway sensation.

Beautiful is currently playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre until July, great seats are available so what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets and be sure not to miss out on this feel good musical.

x Steph



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