Just join the circus

If Barnum the Circus Musical doesn’t make you want to run away & join the circus I don’t know what will? 

From the moment you enter the theatre you are greeted with the illusion you are entering a circus tent full of wonder. (Thanks to the amazing stage set up/design) There’s truly something for everyone, young and old in this show. So role up, role up coz the circus has come to town.

Full of bright popping colours, characters & costumes Barnum is what one might call, eye candy which is absolutely 100% perfect to captivate the audiences initial attention. Because from there, dare I say we are like putty in the hands of the cast…. Well, I know I was anyway. 

Whatever your favourite part about a circus is, the extraordinary cast/ensemble certainly had it all. Everything from flips, tricks, trapeze, unicycle riding, stilts, Aerial ballet, acrobats and clowns you just name it. It’s also worth mentioning that some acts leave you holding your breath. Umm yep its best to not try that at home kids. Again all the cast & everyone involved absolutely smash it hands down.

When it comes to musical theatre legends you’re best to look no further than Todd Mckenney as P.T Barnum. Fair to say that’s some pretty smart casting right there & Todd’s portrayal of him was faultless, bringing just the right balance of comedy, wit & heart to the character ( a joy to watch on stage) & In the words of Todd himself where is Hugh Jackman when you need him?

Suzie Mathers as the Swedish Nightingale, Jenny Lind is a delight to behold. Who doesn’t love a good opera singer really? Suzie’s class, vocals & accent are spot on. Making you feel like you are truly in the presence of royalty. And might I add such a sweetie off stage too.

Kirby Burgess Barnum’s first female ringmaster was the icing on the cake for me… such talent if ever I did see. Clearly born for the role, Kirby works the stage demanding your attention, in the nicest way possible of course. Her energy and charisma alone are enough to leave you hooked as to what’s about to happen next.

Lastly, who doesn’t love a good laugh? Well, Akina Edmonds as Joice Heth and Joshua Reckless as Tom Thumb have you covered. In their enchanting songs, thank God I’m old and bigger isn’t better. It’s guaranteed you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face.

So come follow the band Melbourne – Barnum the circus musical is defiantly a must see. Playing at the comedy theatre until June 2nd with great seats still available. Visit www.Ticketmaster.com.au for more info.

x Steph



Choreographed & led by Madeline Pratt Moments is a moving & beautiful original theatre piece with true stories told through dance, movement, music  & voice. Takes you on a heartfelt, emotional yet funny journey of significant moments we go through in our lives & how they affect us individually. 

Held at the Gas Works theatre in Albert Park the smaller space I found helped engage the audience with the raw emotions of the incredibly talented nine performers – especially in their facial expressions. The dancers were completely energised the whole way through & kept the audience engaged from start to finish. And each ‘moment’ was seamlessly transitioned into (The show as a whole flowed really well) making it impossible just to pinpoint, one person, as all the performers immersed themselves in it 100%. Not to mention the body percussion with the beats of the music was particularly sharp.

I want to commend Madeline on this brilliant piece of theatre & for being so bold & brave when it comes to literally putting ones self into something. But for also being so open, honest & real etc It’s not something to be taken lightly & I take my hat off to her for that.

Overall ‘Moments’ is a great night out/ a must see & will sure to leave you impacted, speechless & thinking. But hurry as its only playing until March 30th Tickets can be purchased at www.gasworks.org.au 

x Steph


Romeo & Juliet

Aside from seeing great talent & a well-done piece of theatre, as a reviewer & theatre lover there’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing people improve. GJ productions Romeo & Juliet is no exception. Held in the relaxed & beautiful surrounds of Fairfield park at the Fairfield Amphitheatre, there’s something for everyone in this fresh & modern take on what one would say to be one of Shakespeare’s most well-known love stories. 

There was a prompt, smooth start & an added in few extras to further help set the mood & keep the audience interested. Everyone took great care to project the authenticity. The production as a whole is really well rehearsed & the actors all engage with the audience, truly not afraid to immerse themselves in their character, being sure to use bold & vibrant facial expressions & body language. I was however particularly impressed with the well-choreographed fight scenes (led by Geoffrey Weber) & effective sound effects etc where appropriate throughout the show. 

The lighting, backdrop & props were kept simple allowing for the eye-catching costume designs by Etherael Andy to shine through helping make you feel like you were truly in that time & era. 

Holding the play at an Amphitheatre does make it more difficult to check tickets before you enter to ensure no unpaid patrons enter. Secondly i noticed that there were some delays in turning on of the actors mics before they started speaking. I found that at some points the actors would start speaking before the mics kicked in & thus I felt I missed the first bit of what the actors said. 

Overall Gjs Romeo & Juliet is a great summers night out for any Shakespeare/theatre lover & is sure to please all ages. But hurry as its only playing until January 26th 

Tickets can be purchased at trybooking.com (search GJ Productions) 

x Steph

Photos by Matthew Howat


Stick it to the man

Based on the hit film Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical “School of Rock” is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Whether you’re young or young at heart this electric show has something for everyone… humour, romance, heart & more importantly ROCK! Yep school’s in for the summer.

I couldn’t think of anyone more perfectly cast to fill the big shoes of Dewey Finn than Brent Hill. Being on stage for virtually the whole show is no easy task in fact it’s mammoth. But Brent does it so effortlessly bringing a jolt of energy to the role all the while guiding & playing off the children beautifully.

Amy Lehpamer gracefully immerses herself in the role of school principal Rosalie Mullins. She brings just the right amount of sternness, class & comedy. For me this took full flight flight during Amy’s delivery of “Here at Horace Green” and her range of vocals are a treat in itself. Then there’s the three entire casts of kids rotated through the Melbourne production run, “don’t get me started”, it’s impossible not to say they are the true stars of the show. All of the children are aged between 8 and 13 & playing instruments, etc. live on stage.  Aside from being super adorable & yes cheeky too, they all in their own way bring the house down. I can only imagine how proud their parents must be? I myself was left totally mesmerised at their energy, passion & ability at such a young age.  They are stars in the making.

“There’s no way you can stop the School of Rock”

The sets and costumes are simple but super effective allowing in my opinion the energy and talent to brightly shine forth.

School of Rock must leave Melbourne’s Her Majesty’s Theatre February 10th 2019. Tickets are selling fast so hurry and make sure you book your tickets to ensure you don’t miss out on this smash hit production. You can also go to schoolofrockthemusical.com for more dates & times in a city near you.

x Steph


Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to see one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s & Tim Rice’s master pieces? The 40th anniversary Australian tour of Evita (the life of Argentine political leader Eva Peron, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Peron) starring pop star Tina Arena is what one might say is musical theatre at it’s best, a well oiled machine going full steam ahead with talent bursting at the seams.

Tina Arena’s portrayal of Evita is truly splendid, irreplaceable. Her pitch perfect yet raw vocals command the stage & leave you with goosebumps. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina is truly showing that off. Brazilian Opera singer Paulo Szot delivers an eye – catching performance as Colonel Peron & might I add, in my opinion, he just might be the best one you’re likely to hear. Kurt Kansley offers a wild, reckless yet cheeky narrator (Che) is perfect for the role. I’m a BIG musical theatre lover so I’d be lying if I said I didn’t thoroughly enjoy Michael Falzons humorous theatrical portrayal of tango singer Magaldi.

She had her moments she had some style

Being a pianist myself I loved hearing all the rich colour of the scores being brought to life by the incredible Orchestra under the direction of David Cullen & Guy Simpson. The volume & intensity of the Ensemble in chorus numbers such as A new Argentina, The Money Kept Rolling In & Perons latest flame truly jump off the stage & create a sense of depth that only comes from a group of dedicated performers giving their best.

Don’t miss out on what people are calling the theatrical event of the year. Evita plays at the State theatre, Arts centre Melbourne until 16th February 2019

x Steph


Heather’s the musical

What a joy & privilege it was for me to be invited back to review/attend another one of GJ  Production’s amazing show, this time at the opening night of ‘Heathers’ the musical. A humorous, heartbreaking, heartfelt, dark & messy story of the typical struggle teenagers go through in finding out who they are in the crazy world of high school.

For a company of three or so years I am always blown away by the high quality of work produced. GJ Productions has defiantly taught me that it’s not always about the huge flashy sets or effects (all though it does help make a show) but rather pure talent & a persons ability, through themselves, plunge head first into the character they’re portraying.

“What’s your damage Heather”? – Veronica Sawyer

Whatever your taste is there is something for everyone & ‘Heathers’ the musical defiantly doesn’t disappoint in that regard with simple, modest, yet key props, classic costumes true to the 1989 American high school era & an explosion of talent. The entire cast were exceptional, gave their all & you could clearly see they were 100% in it. But allow me to highlight a few…

Antoinette Davis as Veronica Sawyer, let me just say wow! I was left speechless & blown away at this young lady’s talent, being her first performance since university even more so. I think you’ll agree with me me when I say she makes playing the girl that finds herself getting caught up into all the mess easy, effortless & believable, you can so feel her pain. Her performance was honest, raw, powerful & vocals strong. Then there’s Alexandra Knight as Ms Fleming, Veronica’s mum & a student. I have always admired people who can juggle & perform three characters as I’m sure it would be no easy task & Alexandra was no exception. She brings just the right amount of humour to this story & it’s not hard to see why her take on the song ‘Shine a Light’ got resounding applause. Then last but not least there’s Grace Maddern as Heather Chandler. It’s fair to say this lady is a little pocket rocket of talent to say the least… from producing, choreographing, acting there’s nothing Grace can’t do & this is clearly evident in ‘Heathers’.

One thing I did notice, relatively minor, is that I would encourage the director to consider the balance between the volume of music vs the vocals as I found it to be a bit challenging at times with the music louder than the singing & vocals.

I commend the co-founders of GJ Productions, Grace Maddern & Jack Wilkinson on their incredible work ethic, for continuing to support up & coming artists & for providing a warm, friendly, safe environment in which they can share their talents with the audience.

‘Heathers’ the musical is currently playing at St Martins Theatre South Yarra until November 3rd. Tickets can be purchased at trybooking.com (search GJ Productions).

x Steph

Photos by Matthew Howat



I have pondered long & hard at what one might say about such a musical like Madiba (a celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela). Written & composed by Jean – Pierre Hadida. It’s a very different musical from your typical type yet is one that will deeply stir, impact, move, inspire & touch you in so many ways. I personally at times was moved to tears.

The sets are so cleverly adaptable enabling for quick,smooth scene changes & the bright colourful costumes are true to the beautiful South African culture. The choreography is Vibrant & energetic.

“I learned courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” – Nelson Mandela

Seeing every single bit of this musical brought to life in such a powerful, true & compelling way through dance, storytelling & song by the incredibly talented cast is an unforgettable experience. From the main leads right to the ensemble, I can not even begin to pin point individual cast members to say how amazing they are. As it is quite plain to see that they all shine 100% in their own special ways. Each & everyone of them embody their part & without a doubt do it justice all the while making it so believable.

Words alone can not describe how much I loved this production. The end story is uplifting & will have you joining in the joyful dancing. So what are you waiting for? go & experience what I experienced.

Madiba is currently playing at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne until October 28th Great seats are still available. For other tour dates near you visit madibamusical.com.au

x Steph

From the heart

Known to many as “The Unconventional Pop Star” and “The Angel of Australia”. Dutch, Australian born soprano Mirusia is surly a star in her own right. With her solo career in full flight, her recent “From the heart tour” in Melbourne at Bunjil Place, Narre Warren, had what one would arguably say the recipe for the perfect afternoon out.

From the moment you walk in, there is already a sense of familiarity & comfort. One might say its like coming home again. The simple yet sweet stage set up, along with the “Cranbourne Chorale” set the tone for the afternoon of fairytale like moments that one will cherish forever. 

If the beautiful diverse array of song arrangements – From the heart, Ava Maria, Memory, Colours of the wind, Within my heart (Highland Cathedral) I could of danced all night, Already Home… Just to name a few doesn’t already warm your heart, then Mirusia’s crystal clear yet warm voice & unique ability to connect with her audience both on a personal (old friend kind of way) & humorous level will be sure to do that for you. And being a girl you can’t help but notice all the gorgeous change of dresses she wore.

It’s always so refreshing to see someone share the spotlight & showcase their chamber orchestra the way Mirusia does & that just goes hand in hand with the type of person she is, the same on/off stage warm, friendly, humble, genuine, down to earth & so unaffected by her fame. And anyone that goes to meet/greet her after the show will see that in an instance. 

Yes it’s true one can not help but love Mirusia

Check out http://mirusia.net/calendar for tour dates near you

x Steph


Just be you

Hi Everyone!

Ever wondered why I started That theatre life & the inspiration behind it? well wonder no more. Because it is with great joy that I can now share what I’ve been working on the past little while.

This is something that is close to my heart & special to me so I hope you like it & are left feeling encouraged that who you are is enough & that you can do anything you put your mind to. More often than not we are all capable of more than we realize

x Steph

Some kind of wonderful!

Just when I thought that I couldn’t possibly love musical theatre and get sucked in anymore than I already do, Along comes Beautiful the Carole King musical.

A truly uplifting,funny,warm,heart felt and gorgeous story of Carole Kings extraordinary career & life. Produced by Michael Cassel and his team in Australia, one might say that they sure know how to put on a show and select the cast etc You honestly can’t fault the amazing, first class shows Michael produces. They are special in everyway

In a musical that spans over two decades, it features over 100 incredible wigs and costumes which are so mind boggling and impressive let alone being so true to the era. When I first walk in and see a musical, I love nothing more than soaking up all the beauty and the breath taking sets and props. Beautiful sure delivers, from the stunning grand piano all the way to the jazzy lights, the sets and props have what you might call a simple yet easy, pleasing  on the eye appeal while still delivering the wow factor.

“And you know what’s so funny about life? Sometimes it goes the way you want and sometimes it doesn’t And sometimes when it doesn’t you find something Beautiful” – Carole King

And where would a musical be without a super talented cast? Esther Hannaford as the incomparable Carole King, it’s not hard to see why people are saying she’s destined for the role. Her raw yet honest portrayal of King is truly something to behold. (you honestly feel the pain and struggle king personally went through) I was left speechless at her strong, powerful & beautiful vocals. Then there’s Josh Piterman as Gerry Goffin, his talent and ability to make the character so believable is second to none. There was one scene in particular, where I honestly got a bit emotional & felt just what it would of been like for Gerry live with his condition the way he did – so thats saying something. Josh’s rich, warm vocals are of course the cherry on top.

I don’t like leaving anyone out and that is only two of the incredible 24 cast members. So I’ll finish by saying the entire cast and company do such a hands down phenomenal job it’s no wonder Beautiful is a broadway sensation.

Beautiful is currently playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre until July, great seats are available so what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets and be sure not to miss out on this feel good musical.

x Steph